• The main aims and objects of the Centre are as follows:
  • ·     To preserve, innovate and promote the projection and dissemination of arts of the Zone under the broad discipline of Sangeet Natak, Lalit Kala and Sahitya;
  • ·    To develop and promote the rich diversity and uniqueness of various arts of the Zone and to upgrade and enrich consciousness of the people about their cultural heritage;
  • ·    To lay special emphasis in its activities on the linkages among various areas through evolution of styles and their contribution to the largest composite identity of cultural heritage of India;
  • ·     To make special efforts to encourage folk and tribal arts and to frame special programme for preservation including documentation and sustaining of the vanishing art forms;
  • ·     To frame such programmes as would encourage and involve the youth of the Zone amongst themselves and with the youth of the rest of the country in creative cultural communications through the process of seminars, exchanges and workshops on matter relating to cultural heritage of India.
  • ·    To pursue such other activities and programmes as would strengthen and promote the cultural interlinkages amongst States; including setting up of Sub-Centres within the Zone.
  • ·     To encourage the research activities relating to various art  forms.