The Heritage Museum at Shangyu village is the out-come of the attempt made by NEZCC to preserve the magnificent centuries-old wooden sculpture at the village.

Museum Building : The Heritage Museum building is provided with RCC posts, brick walls, C. G. I. Sheet roofing, decorative ceiling and proper electrification. The size of the building is:

Length       = 30 feet  and Breadth      = 18 feet.


(1)              Wooden monument- A gigantic wooden sculpture 18 feet long and 11.5 feet breadth carved from a single piece of wood. Most of the figures are of high-relief carvings.

(2)               Gongs – 8 nos of brass gongs of different sizes.

(3)               Ivory tusks – 2 nos of full large size Ivory tusks.

(4)               Mithun heads – 6 nos of large size mithun heads.

(5)               Rifle – 1 no Muzzle loading rifle presented by Ahom King.

(6)               Chair – 1 no chair carved from a single piece of wood.

(7)               Bed – 1 no wooden bed carved from a single piece.

Heritage Museum was inaugurated on 25th April 1997 by His Excellency Shri. Om Prakash Sharma, Governor of Nagaland and Chairman NEZCC.